• Studios 54 wins National Multiple Housing Award

    We are pleased to announce that Studios 54 has won a national award for Multiple Housing from the Australian Institute of Architects. The jury citation says -

    ‘The framed element that signifies the lift core and the thickened wall of services has its internal panel tiled with glazed ceramic tiles. We could be in Naples, not Sydney. But this is the point. Studios 54 is a project that announces the larger and necessary project of consolidating the Australian city.’

    We thank the jury for their generous citation, and our clients and all of the consultants, subcontractors and tradespeople who have been involved in the project.

  • Lennox Bridge archaeological dig

    A new website has been launched by Parramatta City Council showing the findings of the archaeological dig at the Lennox Bridge Portals site in Parramatta. The website will be updated with other drawings and video footage as the research component of the project is completed. Lennox Bridge website We urge you to take the time to look at the extraordinary discoveries that have been made during the archaeological dig.

  • Aaron Bolot Award for Multiple Housing 2015

    Hill Thalis are very pleased to have received the Aaron Bolot Award for Multiple Housing for Studios 54 in Surry Hills. The jury said “This project makes a clear statement about urban living and neighbourliness beyond code compliance. It is exemplary in demonstrating the relevance of remnant sites within an urban context.”

  • Horizon House for sale

    We were so saddened for our amazing client when she had to stop the works on the Horizon House – but it may be about to find a new owner to complete it. See the dramatic drone footage of the property shot by Goldeneye media

  • New projects on our website

    We’ve recently uploaded some information on two exciting projects that we currently have under construction. The dramatic urban form of the Arc Apartments is starting to appear in its scaffolded shroud along the sweep of Old South Head Road. The earthwork and platform work of the Centennial Park Bicycle Hub are also underway, with a lighter weight steel structure to follow shortly.

  • Recent projects

    We’re very honoured to have been involved in the Master Planning of the Narara Ecovillage with a group of fantastic people who are working hard to make a beautiful and sustainable new community on the grounds of the old Gosford Horticultural Institute.

    The Lennox Bridge Portals involves the adaptive reuse of a State Listed Heritage item that crosses the Parramatta River and its increasingly active foreshore. The project has been on site for 18 months and is due for completion in May 2015.

34 minutes ago

Rebuild in Redfern by #candalepasarchitects; the transformation of the first of the pair of TNT towers that sit beside the station. Taller, slightly larger & worked perimeter, now housing, strong modelling with each facade with its own character. @cityofsydney @angelo_candas #creativeadaptation #urbantransformation #adaptivereuse #redfern #tnttowers #towerform #sydneyarchitecture #architecture

1 day ago

Wedge-shaped buildings of Darlinghurst 3; sharp edge of the Cafe on Darlinghurst Rd surely one of the most pointed corners /smallest footprint of any building in Sydney? Again tiny building-such a high proportion of plan to perimeter, remnant lot after street widening. @cityofsydney #darlinghurst #darlinghurstroad #urbancorner #streetwall #sydneyarchitecture #wedgebuildings

2 days ago

Up close at the bespoke tiling in the monumental entry portal at #verveapartments in Newcastle. In selection of coloured bands, tiling references the geological strata under Newcastle. Grouting & flush glazing installation all in. Thanks to all involved; @hay_nina @aaronj_murray, architects in association @ckdsarchitecture @nflatman @anchorceramics @brucerowestudio @bloc_aus #newcastleaustralia #apartmententry #artwork #publicart #portal #monumentalentry #bespoketiles #handmadeceramics #boardedconcrete #flushglazing #bandedtiling #insettiles #australianarchitecture #architectureofhousing #architecture

3 days ago

Wedge-shaped buildings of Darlinghurst 2; the sharp edge of the Darlo Bar on Darlinghurst Rd & Hardie Sts-surely the smallest & most acute urban block in Sydney? So rare to have such a (tiny) whole block building-all perimeter @cityofsydney #sydneyarchitecture #wedgebuildings #flatirontype #darlinghurst #darlinghurstroad #hardiestreet #hardiestreetsydney #cornerpub #sydneyhotels #1920’spubs #triangularblock #tinyblocks #nosetbacks #urbanarchitecture

4 days ago

Wedge-shaped buildings of Darlinghurst 1; enduring Fire Station @ acute angle of Darlinghurst Rd & Victoria St. Masterpiece of urban architecture by #wlvernon #georgemcrae #nswgovernmentarchitect 1910 Fine architecture gives such character to city places Landmark of #publicsydney @cityofsydney #darlinghurst #darlinghurstfirestation #kingscross #kingscrossfirestation #wedgebuilding #flatirontype #redbrick #sandstone #loggia #cornerbuilding #urbanarchitecture #sydneyarchitecture #architecture

5 days ago

Our old Studio 5 in Ballarat House; false ceiling removed, full primary hardwood timber structure revealed within voluminous space that follows roof form, new mini orb ceiling framed by expressed Oregon roof framing, struts & tie beams. Mezzanine & roof terrace also taking shape. @hillthalisaup Team; @BrettSperling, @mad.e.rowe #jonathonkibble #beachconstructions on the job, & thanks to @partridge_engineers @eamonnmadden #ballarathouse #creativeadaptation #loftconversion #warehouseconversion #warehouseconstruction #hardwoodframe #miniorb #oregonroofframing #exposedstructure #spatialvolume #architecturalvolume #architecturaldetail #heritageadaptation #sydneyarchitecture #architecture