Bankstown Centre Apartments

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The Bankstown apartment project comprises 60 apartments and 2 retail/ home office units that provide a diverse mix of accommodation in the heart of Bankstown’s town centre.

The building is articulated in plan and elevation as a series of linked blocks along a circulation spine. Breaks and deep insets in the building volumes are clearly expressed as each part clearly expresses its own organisation and character;

Design quality and Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) issues have been considered holistically and include :

  • Long life low maintenance materials
  • a mix of housing types 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with studies and home offices
  • a mix of housing types over one and two storeys
  • thin cross section buildings varying from 7 to 15.8m
  • 77% of dwellings have at least two orientations for excellent cross ventilation
  • 43% of kitchens have natural light and air
  • 65% of bathrooms have natural light and air
  • a communal roof terrace enables residents to experience the outlook to the green horizons.

The project has a distinctive architectural character and scale that is an appropriate addition to Bankstown’s urban landscape. Large scale precast concrete wall elements are overlaid with finely scaled steel and mesh sun shading. The concrete panels have an exposed aggregate finish, whereas the steel elements are painted in vibrant colours.

Redshift Architecture & Art

Philip Thalis, Michael Lewarne, Alexander Koll, Angelo Korsanos, Phillip Duffy

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Bankstown Centre Apartments