Balmain East Foreshore

Balmain East Foreshore plan Balmain East Foreshore site Balmain East Foreshore elevation

Master Plan and Conservation Management Plan
for Leichhardt Council, 2005

Over the last thirty years, successive public authorities have endeavoured to provide public access to the Balmain Foreshore. The Balmain East Foreshore Project seeks to piece together the three existing parks, completing 1km of public foreshore facing the city and providing an appropriate civic termination to Darling Street.

The project successfully balances public access, transport, heritage and landscape issues. A continuous foreshore promenade links the 1920’s Thornton Park with the 1970’s Illoura Reserve. A new bus terminus and ferry wharf are created, solving the problems of disabled access between transport modes.

The disparate characters of various parks are knitted together by a complementary attitude the new public spaces.

Philip Thalis, Sheila Tawalo, Michael Simons

Aspect Sydney Landscape Architecture

© Hill Thalis Architects,
Aspect Sydney Landscape Architecture, 2005

Balmain East Foreshore