Chatswood Rail Link

Chatswood Rail Link section Hill Thalis - Chatswood rail link - underpass - glazed bricks Chatswood Rail Link landscaping Chatswood Rail Link bridge detail Chatswood Rail Link Chatswood Rail Link detail

The Parramatta Rail Link’s Surface Works project at Chatswood and Epping achieves an important interface between the new generation of rail infrastructure and the existing surface rail corridor.

The urban design guidelines, prepared for Parramatta Rail Link (now TIDC) by Hill Thalis, Aspect Sydney and Richard Goodwin working in association, represent the rail corridor in its urban context to express a place specific urban strategy. The team presented a holistic strategy for the rail corridor and concept designs of bridges, abutments, inward and outward retaining walls, walkways, underpasses and integrated landscape treatments. The project now serves as a model for new infrastructure projects.

Philip Thalis, Sheila Tawalo, Sonia van de Haar, Daina Jamieson

Aspect Sydney Landscape Architecture
Richard Goodwin

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Aspect Sydney Landscape Architecture,
Richard Goodwin 2004

Chatswood Rail Link