Verve Towers, Newcastle

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with CKDS as architects in association
for Windham Developments

With CKDS Architects in Newcastle, we’ve been working on a 4,585m2 site in the heart of the ambitious new urban district at the long neglected western end of central Newcastle. Identified for higher density near the new Wickham Interchange – it is an ideal position to take full advantage of the transport, shopping, public places and civic open spaces.

A 6 metre dedication along the site’s north-east boundary to Cottage Creek will enable an important new public landscaped pathway, which bisects this over-large urban block on the diagonal to improve pedestrian and cycle connections to the harbourfront.

Within the new 66 metre permissible height controls, a pair of fan-shaped towers look north-eastern and address the angled creek frontage. Their primary orientation to the north-east has multiple advantages in terms of access to sun and sea breeze, views and privacy. These slender towers have footprints much smaller than the norm for such types.

To King Street, a 5 storey street wall building establishes a new scale and continuity to this broad boulevard, for the first time matching a confident architectural expression to its unfulfilled urban potential. Behind the street wall and the towers is concealed a 4 storey above ground car park, which is surmounted by a generous landscaped podium. This garden is framed as the prime communal focus for future residents.

Each of the 197 apartments is designed to fit its specific situation within the overall site plan, providing light, air, amenity, privacy, and a panoramic, green or screened outlook. Every apartment receives at least 1 hour’s sun, and a high proportion are cross ventilated.

The design has been developed in consultation with Government Architect’s Design Excellence Panel. Sales information can be found at Verve Residences


Hill Thalis Team
Philip Thalis, Aaron Murray, Kristina Hay

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Verve Towers, Newcastle