Content notes

All articles from the original site have been transferred, and most* of Laura’s images are uploaded and referenced. Structure and design formatting are still up for grabs…

  • *Some projects still need photos
  • The main (full bleed) photos for each page (with the exception of individual project articles) are randomised from a pool of photos – click on the little hand at the top left to change the image pool (you need to be logged in to see the little hand).
  • Many pages still need to have their imagery specified. I’m using photos of various building materials as placeholders in the interim.
  • Most of the Textile formatting for content in the expertise section is in place, but maybe need some variety added through the use of inline images – see examples on the Awards & Competitions page.
  • I’ve simply’poured’ all the imagery into each project page; my image order needs finessing! The Textile formatting for most project pages still needs to be done, but I’m using Verve Towers as an example.