Rhodes Peninsula

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The Rhodes peninsula has long been identified as a major redevelopment opportunity, as it enjoys a privileged position on the eastern shore of Homebush Bay, Sydney harbour’s western-most bay. The main northern railway line forms the eastern side of the suburb.

The Rhodes site comprises a number of individually owned land parcels that are predominantly large ex-industrial sites. The project comprised three related components:

  • The Urban Framework Plan set out the urban structure including new streets and public spaces, foreshore parks and promenades, landform, built form and land use for this 40 hectare site.
  • The Development Control Plan set out a suite of appropriate controls and development targets for a new high density suburb. The controls anticipate the format and content of the Residential Flat Design Code.
  • A Public Domain Plan set out the criteria and character for the network of new public spaces.

Construction on the Rhodes peninsula commenced in the southern portion of the site in 2002 and is due for completion by 2010, creating a new model suburb for middle ring Sydney.

Philip Thalis, Rachel Neeson,[Michael Lewarne, Laura Harding, Jane Threlfall, Daina Jamieson

McGregor Westlake Architecture
Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

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Rhodes Peninsula