Hurstville Grove Independent Living Units

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The Hurstville Grove houses are situated on a steeply sloping site on the Oatley Bay foreshore. The site is located in an existing residential area but had retained a strong landscape character due to the presence of impressive mature eucalypts across the site and wetland mangroves on the waters edge. The sloping site, multiple street frontages and relationship to neighbours were important design considerations.

The project comprises 14 individual buildings containing 26 Aged housing dwellings and a communal building. Six different housing types were carefully located on the site to retain existing trees, minimise site disturbance and enable mobility impaired residents to negotiate the site’s challenging topography.

Pavilion dwellings and duplexes provide a range of two and three bedroom accommodation with outlook onto a range of private and communal garden spaces and distant views across Oatley Bay. This self care development allows residents to age in place in a dignified and comfortable setting.

Philip Thalis, Kerry Hunter, Michael Lewarne

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

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Hurstville Grove Independent Living Units