Beynon and Hayward


Beynon and Hayward

Located on the corner of Livingstone Road and Chester Street the Beynon & Hayward warehouse is acknowledged as a local icon, characterised by its tough brick façade, painted signage and saw tooth roof.

The warehouse occupies the majority of a small tapering site with a narrow right of way to the north. The design proposes an addition responsive to the heritage to create two 6 storey blocks containing a total of 18 units bridged by a common timber landing in an open breezeway. A diversity of unit types, each with its own distinct character, are provided in the mix including; flat floor studios and 1 bedroom units, loft style 1 bed, and 2 storey 2 bedroom units.

Critically, the design preserves the existing brickwork with a setback from the brick wall line to create various balconies and pop outs that allow a physical engagement with the heritage fabric. The sawtooth roofline has been preserved in the new addition to maintain the character of the building, which internally creates high lofted apartments.

The building mass reinforces the street corner through the shear solid brick wall that is extended vertically by a metal screen that appears solid on approaching the building. Original brick openings have been reinstated with additional openings punched through the brickwork for access to two ground floor commercial tenancies and the open residential lobby. This lobby is bound by the original timber columns that in conjunction with: a terraced garden and grand timber stair above creates a memorable homecoming experience.