Foveaux commercial suites


Foveaux commercial suites

The commercial suits are located on a corner in Foveaux Street in the busy heart of Surry Hills.

The pre-existing building that occupied the site was an undistinguished 3 storey brick and concrete structure, constructed in the 1970’s, incorporating parts of an earlier brick c1920 garage structure. The new work partially retains and remodels the existing 3 storey structure and adds two additional floors directly above the existing volume.

Whereas the ground floor was previously closed, new retail frontages on ground floor open for the full length of both the Foveaux and Belmore Street facades, under a new cantilevered steel awning. The corners are opened as generous inset porches.

The upper floors now all benefit from available light and air on all frontages, and all enjoy corner balconies. The new core readily allows for a range of tenancies; multiple floor leases, whole floor tenancies, or subdivision of floors into smaller leases.

The alterations and additions give the building a strong architectural order, with the projecting horizontals of the awning, cornices and roof line contrasting with the vertical panels and louvre blades.

The building’s urban presence, architectural character and environmental performance are all substantially improved.

The interior fitout of the top level suite was undertaken by Valdis Macens Architects.