Horizon Apartments


Horizon Apartments

Horizon Apartments is located on a generous 5,600m2 site on Newcastle Harbour’s waterfront edge. Located at a critical junction between three major open space networks: the Honeysuckle harbour-front passing east to west, a new public square at the termination to Steel Street and a new public park adjoining the Cottage Creek Corridor.

The project is articulated as a series of three independent urban buildings, united by their waterfront alignment, scale, design and material palette. The design is an exemplar of equitable view sharing as the buildings form a pair of landscaped courtyards, allowing views between the buildings from both the public and private domain behind.

The ground plane has been considered as a holistic ‘plinth’ – gently raised from the predominant public domain level to provide flood-proofing and prospect over the adjoining public spaces. The corners have open and playful colonnades with retail spaces and generous outdoor terraces activating the major public spaces throughout the day and evening.

The proposal contains 110 generous new apartments that provides a range of plan types and all achieve high amenity. Most apartments are north facing with views to the harbour, over 75% of the apartments are naturally cross ventilated and all living rooms open directly to courtyards or balconies.

The design has been developed in consultation with the Government Architect’s Design Excellence Panel and is a considered response to the scale and character of the site and the area’s evolving urbanity.