Horizon House


Horizon House

The Horizon House is located on a dramatic coastal headland.

The property is a working cattle farm – and is characterized by its extraordinary scenic outlook, the long, even datum of the horizon and intense driving rain and 100 kmph winds that encircle the house during storm events.

The house tucks into the hillside forming a protective courtyard and cultivated garden separated from the paddocks. All the living spaces face the horizon towards the east, and the bedroom wings shelter the courtyard space on the northern and southern sides. Each part of the house can choose to engage with the horizon, or retreat to the courtyard.

Approached from above, the roof of the house strikes a strict horizontal line that sits just below the horizon. The entry to the house is through the protected courtyard that tapers to foreshorten the horizon view.

The house is formed from robust off form concrete framing members that are inflected to glance light and articulate specific landscape views. The detailing of every junction in the house anticipates the vertical movement of water in high wind conditions.

Where walls meet the ground they are faced with stone selected to match the colours of the local basalt. Where the house hovers above these walls it is trimmed in zinc and concrete so that it merges into the blue grey band between sea and sky.

This hard, weathered outer shell is contrasted with beautifully smooth off form concrete, polished plaster and oak finishes internally.

Our supportive and resilient client persisted with an extremely difficult approval process that involved several state government departments with conflicting requirements. The house commenced construction, but was placed on hold during the GFC.

The house was onsold in 2015, but we have recently had the great privilege of being asked to work with the house’s new owners on the completion stages. Look for images on our website shortly.