Lourdes Retirement Village


Lourdes Retirement Village

Lourdes Retirement Village is an expansive 5.6 hectare estate nestled beside a bushland reserve at the end of Stanhope Road, Killara. The existing community comprises of 108 independent living units, 51 full care units, a hospice, a church, and a community activities building. The village was established in 1980’s and has been little changed since.

The proposal is to add 18 new independent living units and to revitalise the existing community building. Located adjacent to the community building the units are designed to meet all the requirements of modern living with contemporary design, whilst harmonising with the existing village and bushland setting.

The units are a mix of 1,2 and 3 bed dwellings with open plan living spaces, north light and cross ventilation. Their plans accommodate all the requirements of the Australian Standards for Access and Mobility, SEPP Seniors Living and SEPP 65. The buildings have been expressed using face brick, render and timber, thus reflecting the materiality of the existing dwellings and the bushland context.