Sustainable Sydney 2030

Sustainable Sydney 2030 is the pre-eminent document guiding the development of the Sydney LGA for the challenge of coming decades. The Vision strives to achieve increasing sustainability targets whilst accounting for the pressures of growth and development of Australia’s pre-eminent Global City.

Sustainable Sydney 2030 encompasses a vision for the entirety of the City of Sydney Local Government Area –an area diverse in business, residential, and environmental requirements. Hill Thalis has the pivotal role in conceiving and preparing the strategic plan to inspire and realistically set the direction the city will take for it’s long-term direction.

Whereas too much recent planning in NSW has been reactive and unstrategic this vision seeks to reignite the vision and optimism of the best of Sydney’s planning traditions –The Macquarie era, Federation era projects, and the 1090 Royal Commission and 1971 Strategic Plan.

Understanding Sydney’s role as a world city is paramount, and initial stages have analysed Sydney on a World level to quantify the gravity of what the vision calls for in regard to remaining globally competitive.

Hill Thalis with other prominent Sydney architects and international guest Jan Gehl are currently preparing projects designed to transform Sydney with priority on public domain, transport and infrastructure, and affordable housing.

The Sustainable Sydney 2030 Document will form an in depth, sophisticated document and set a standard of direction and development of world cities in a competitive global environment.