Benjamin Driver

Benjamin joined Hill Thalis in 2006 whilst completing his Bachelor Degree. In 2008 Benjamin graduated with a Maters of Architecture from the University of Technology, Sydney. Benjamin has travelled extensively in Europe and Asia with a keen interest in city-building, formation, and quality of life for people living in cities.

Benjamin has been project urban designer for a number of award winning and high profile public domain, urban design, and urban housing projects including:

Linking Canberra City to the Lake – Australia Award for Urban Design 2013 This wide-reaching master plan will transform central Canberra into a vibrant and complete modern capital. Extensive public programme throughout the plan is linked by high quality new streets and lanes converging on the West Basin waterfront – Canberra’s new urban water place, where all Australians can engage with the tremendous recreational and cultural assets surrounding Lake Burley Griffin.

Constitution Avenue Canberra The $42 million upgrade of the head of the Parliamentary Triangle will establish Canberra’s grande-boulevard as the premier street in Canberra.

Campbell Section 5 Master Plan
Located on the Griffin’s land axis on the corner of Constitution Avenue and ANZAC Parade, this mixed use urban project occupies one of the best addresses in Canberra. High quality new streets and significant parkland establish this new precinct as a key activation node of Constitution Avenue.

Canberra Brickworks + Environs Planning Strategy
The last remaining unaltered brickworks in Australia is destined to become the cultural centrepiece of a significant quarry park and inner urban community adjacent to Yarralumla.

Sustainable Sydney 2030 Vision
Perhaps the most ambitious public policy document in Australia for any level of Government, Sydney 2030 aims to address climate change, transport, housing pressures and environmental sustainability throughout the City of Sydney Local Government Area. Many of its objectives aim to punch above their weight, influencing policy at a state and national level.

NSW Public Transport Inquiry
In response to long perceived inaction Fairfax with Rod Simpson Dr Gary Glazebrook + Ron Christie proposed the public enquiry. The process involved numerous professional inputs and public meetings leading to a comprehensive critique, review and proposed overhaul for the NSW Public Transport System. It remains a key benchmark for the potential character and capacity of this vital public service.

Pirrama Park
The Design and Documentation of Park, Public Stairs and Amenities has seen this multi-layered site transform into a much loved and heavily used harbour-side asset. Pirrama Park celebrates Sydney’s natural setting and its industrial past, allowing visitors to experience the water at an intimate scale.

Public Sydney
A contemporary catalogue of Sydney’s public places and spaces – our greatest asset, that any proud Sydney-sider should own. Beautifully drawn and arranged, this book reveals a deep understanding of the complexities of Sydney’s evolution and current condition which we so often take for granted.

Benjamin is a vocal advocate for Urban Design + Public Transport, and is an active member of both Clover Moore and Alex Greenwich’s Independent teams.

Benjamin has also established a presence at UTS and has returned regularly to teach Architectural Communications and Design to students completing their undergraduate degrees. In 2013 Benjamin led the Masters of Urban Design and Development course at UNSW for both semesters.