Warda Islam

Warda is a Graduate at Hill Thalis Architecture and Urban Projects, with degrees in Architecture and Urban Design. She completed her Bachelor of Architecture at BRAC University in 2018. Prior to joining Hill Thalis Warda gained experience in architecture and urban projects at Tanya Karim N.R. Khan and Associates in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Warda graduated with a Master of Urban Design and Development from the University of New South Wales in 2022 and was the recipient of Australia’s Global University Award scholarship.
Her graduating thesis paper, ‘The role of urban development and design in the delivery of affordable housing in the City of Sydney’ focused on the contemporary methods of delivering affordable housing in the City of Sydney, focusing on the Waterloo Estate redevelopment as an urban development and design case study. It approached the case study as a multi-staged process involving multiple government agencies and stakeholders at the state and local government level and seeks to establish how the prolonged process of this case study has influenced the project outcomes.

Since joining Hill Thalis in 2021, she has developed her experience through a variety of urban projects across a range of scales and types.