Red Wall Jack Floyd Reserve

The project transforms a neglected triangle of left over space near Redfern Station into a new pocket park, providing a much-needed green at the intersection of Botany Road and Redfern Street. The project is the western anchor to Council’s broader upgrading of the centre of Redfern.

The elements of the project are;

A broad new brick retaining wall, laid to match the geometry and slope of Botany Road;

A wide footpath, pedestrian lights and avenue of tall eucalypts in the line of Cope Street;

Two triangular lawns, defined by the footpath, and elevated above the bustle of Botany Road by the wall;

A widened footpath to Botany Road, with new bus shelters, street furniture and plane trees;

The brick wall has a monumental presence in this revitalised public space. The wall resolves the levels, clarifies access paths, defines more protected areas and provides a range of places to sit and observe the urban scene. Its decisive alignment, robust scale, and material quality gives a strong character, well related to the fine brickwork traditions found in the public buildings and railway engineering in Redfern.