Rose Bay Fruit Market


Rose Bay Fruit Market

The proposal is for a fresh produce / food market, on a long site between at the southern edge of the Rose Bay Centre.

The design treats the ground floor as a masonry block, with the upper floor constructed of lightweight materials, generally set back from the site boundaries. The cantilever roof projects past the upper floor’s perimeter, creating a dramatic silhouette. The articulation of the facades includes inset and projecting elements, changes of surface material and colour. This architectural articulation also assists in the environmental performance of the building.

The street level interest for pedestrians is considered. A large shop window, awning and generous porch announce the building entry to the main street. To the secondary street, various essential services are integrated into a well-scaled architectural facade of deep blades and recessed elements.

The architectural scale to the streets and public frontages has a confident urbanity, reinforcing Rose Bay Centre’s important commercial role for the community.