The Majestic Apartments

The Majestic Theatre was constructed in 1921. It is a substantial brick volume with a highly worked, rendered facade to New Canterbury Road.

The new project continues the long tradition of adaptive reuse of the structure on the site. It was first modified in 1953 to become a more contemporary cinema.

In 1979 it became the Majestic Roller Skating Rink and has accommodated a local social club up until is recent closure.

The new works retain the existing building volume, roof profile and perimeter walls. It provides ground floor commercial/ retail uses including street fronting cafè and 3 levels of residential apartments above, 27 units, a mix of one and two bedroom apartments.

The proposal interprets the historic internal volumes with two generous voids, occupied by residential circulation areas and semi outdoor gardens to achieve appropriate access to sunlight, light and ventilation for the apartments.