Bondi Seniors Care Facility

The Bondi Seniors Living Facility was strategically located within 800m of the beach and within a short walk to a vibrant local shopping area.

The facility provided 48 individual rooms for a combination of seniors and low-care dementia patients. Each room had its own bathroom facilities and access to a range of indoor and outdoor communal spaces and activities. The facility had been designed to maximise staffing and operational efficiencies on a confined infill site.

The facades had been inflected to provide room for generous tree planting along the sides of the building to ensure adequate privacy levels and to provide a changing seasonal outlook for residents. The facades provided a combination of glazed and opaque openings to ensure that rooms could be naturally ventilated without compromising resident privacy.

Solar power was proposed to heat water on-site, ceiling fans were to provide assisted natural ventilation and cooling, and hydronic in-slab heating to offer gentle radiant heat to rooms.

Outdoor areas included a specially designed garden with generous pathways, sitting areas, scented plants and flowering perennials to trigger memory and create a familiar and supportive environment. A communal room and rooftop terrace provided a protected area with varied local outlook and distant ocean views for residents to share with their visitors and guests.

Hill Thalis had no involvement with the amendments made to the development during construction.