K2K Competition

The unique ideas competition called on architects and planners to envisage ideas for the future of the Kingsford and Kensington town centres with feedback from the community. Our winning proposal included the following major design strategies:

Remake Anzac Parade as a boulevard by widening and planting the pedestrian spine along the western side through Kensington and the eastern side through Kingsford.

Create a series of civic spaces and plazas that relate to key institutions, intersections and light rail stops that will enliven the social, education, commercial and community functions along the boulevard.

Reveal the buried Mill Stream that drains the Eastern suburbs catchment area via the Centennial Park ponds to Botany Bay.

Introduce a series of parklands along the Mill Stream that link Centennial Park to the landscaped areas and wetlands to the south.

Create a series of east west pedestrian links that extend and connect these parks between the Anzac Parade and Mill Stream corridors creating a legible and walkable urban structure for the local community.

Deliver greater amenity to the majority of residents by concentrating more intensive housing around the new parklands and the east west landscaped connections rather than locating it directly on the active corridor of Anzac Parade.