Laneway Twins

The laneway twins are secondary dwellings in an inner urban conservation area. The block includes a diversity of dwelling types – grand heritage villas, heavily altered Victorian terraces, 1960’s apartment buildings and former heritage stable buildings.

A pair of micro dwellings, each only 45sqm in area, make comfortable, protected spaces for living.

The front of the dwellings have a pair of tall sliding gates that make a porch on the laneway. This arrangement enables the houses to access light and air while maintaining a sense of security towards the street. The front porch operates just like a terrace house, with space for bins and bicycles under cover.

Above is small mesh balcony that allows the upper level living spaces to open generously to the western skyline. Although this 221sqm site holds four dwellings – it is the only lot on the block that retains a genuine deep soil garden – with large palm trees retained that can be glimpsed through an eastern skylight.

A palette of white painted brickwork, metal and zincalume steel sits humbly within the lane. Small flashes of yellow glazed bricks and vertical solar blinds animate the facade for people walking by.