Llandaff Street Tower

The Llandaff Street Tower is positioned on a 19-meter-wide site between an existing 4 storey apartment building to the west and a local heritage listed Victorian building and brick Church to the east.

The building is arranged in two distinct blocks connected by an open lift lobby.

The north block consists of 18 × 1 bed units and the southern block consists of 8 × 2 bed + study units. The 8 southern units are designed with silver level accessibility and 3 are also adaptable.

Despite the east west orientation of the site, all units receive direct sunlight, have dual orientation and are cross ventilated. The 2 bed units have perimeter on all 4 sides. Above level 3 all units have outlooks towards botany bay, the city and towards the ocean.

The linear east/west lift lobby sits between the 2 blocks. The open ends are set back from the east and west facades, creating full height recesses, which emphasises the 2 distinct parts of the building.

The construction is a direct expression of a primary and secondary order of building elements. The structure is expresses through the exposed off-form concrete blade columns and slab edges. The non-structural skin is clearly articulated between the slab edges and concrete blades by a grid of light weight cladding panels, glazing and an outer layer of operable louvers.

A ribbon of coloured glazing shifts as you move vertically through the centre of the plan.