Narara Ecovillage

The Narara Ecovillage Concept Plan for more than 120 houses recasts the former Gosford Horticultural Institute to make an open, engaging and diverse place – a place where people feel comfortable and have a sense of ownership and belonging. A great place to settle and live well.

Considering the best attributes of communities, the great renaissance architect and theorist Leon Battista Alberti observed,

“Everyone relies on the town and all the public services that it contains. If we have concluded rightly, from what the philosophers say, that towns owe their origin and existence to their enabling their inhabitants to enjoy a peaceful life, as free from inconvenience of harm as possible, then surely the most thorough consideration should be given to the town’s layout, site and outline.

Furthermore, the town ought to be planned not only with a view to housing and other essentials: it should also provide pleasant areas and open spaces set aside as ornament and for recreation, to balance the cares of civic business; gardens, ambulatories, pools and so on.”

The Ecovillage at Narara would holistically embody many of the challenges and aspirations articulated so clearly by Alberti, and amplified by contemporary environment and community commentators. Stage 1 of the project adopts a clear organisation of the communal spaces, and their use, character and embellishment.