Whitlam Local Centre

Canberra’s local centres are transitioning to activity centres that provide lifestyle services, niche shopping and social connection, such as informal community meeting spaces. A greater mix of uses, housing diversity and appropriate service levels can help strengthen local centres as destinations and hubs of activity.

Successful centres have a variety of uses, are easily accessible by walking, cycling and public transport, and are integrated with green space – key principles which underpin the Design and Place Framework for Whitlam Local Centre.

The Design and Place Framework is underpinned by quality public domain to provide for activities and social life to frame a vibrant centre. The framework includes an overall urban design strategy and architectural form that clearly lays out the expectations for future development and the relationship with the public domain. A dynamic focal plaza space of the Centre is proposed fronted by a new community building, with major tree plantings, kerb-less shared zone, weekend markets and both regular & water-play.

The 1.8-hectare site has exceptional views, particularly to the south, with significant fall. The centre is located adjacent to the site of the future Whitlam Primary School and is surrounded by medium density residential blocks and will include over 200 diverse residential housing dwellings.